Possible Worlds is a not for profit, Community Interest Company, whose main objective is to support the educational sector with the use of the latest technologies. It focuses on less privileged students and encourages learning through implementation of fun and interaction in the classroom and home environment. Possible Worlds aim is to make education more exciting by incorporating the latest technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), robotics and game-based learning. We welcome any type of learning enhancement tools and are happy to collaborate with technology and educational companies to help encourage students' future development.



Virtual Reality Science lesson in the classroom environment




Our  aims is to enhance science understanding and learning for students aged 14 to 16 via Virtual Reality (VR).  In 2016 VR is being pushed into the mainstream mass market by the likes of Oculus Rift,  Samsung (Gear VR) and Google (Cardboard).


VR has untapped potential to improve learning and students' understanding of difficult concepts.





We aim to support schools and students from deprived backgrounds by providing them with free VR lessons focusing on Physics for the GCSE curriculum in an interactive first person perspective.


VRARschool will be providing the software that will power this project.


Most students learn best via experiments, engagement or interaction, however this is not always possible within the constraints of a school, as many schools struggle with the high costs of equipment or lack of expertise due to non-specialist teachers.

Our VR lessons offer students a fun and immersive way to explore and experience events, that may not be accessible in reality, helping their understanding, learning and memorisation.




Why is the Sky Blue? is an iPad book App, which was created to encourage young children to understand a difficult concept in a simple way.


  • This cross-curriculum App helps students visualise the science behind a blue sky as well as allows kids to enhance their language skills.
  • The book is available free of charge here
  • It has been translated and recorded into English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Russian and Turkish




 iPad Book App





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